Areas of scientific activity

“ASTRAVIR TECHNOLOGY” LLC is a newly founded and rapidly developed Ukrainian biotechnological company. The company has gathered together the best Ukrainian scientists and technicians in biology for achieving the company’s goals. The ASTRAVIR TECHNOLOGY team develops and manufactures PCR test-systems on the base of one of the best equipped molecular-genetics laboratory in the country. The other Company’s focus is research and consulting in One Health and Public Health areas.

1) Research focuses in medicine:


  • Public Health,
  • Spreading of infectious diseases in human populations,
  • Epidemiological studies,
  • Modern diagnostic approaches in infectious disease detection,
  • Genetic disorders and genetic predisposition to certain diseases.

  • Molecular diagnostics uses DNA, RNA, or protein to test for disease (PCR and its variations, new generation sequencing
  • Analysis of molecular biology related data for epidemiological risks assessment
  • Consultation at above mentioned priorities topics

2) Research focuses in biology and biosafety:


  • Survey of disease transfer and pathogens’ circulations,
  • Screening of natural reservoirs of pathogens and vector-borne diseases,
  • Biosafety.

  • Biosafety and epidemiology risks assessment by molecular-genetics methods;
  • Analytics in biosafety topic;
  • Research and monitoring of pathogens’ spreading.

3) Interdisciplinary researches and ad-hoc services:


  • Projects implementation at the junction between molecular biology and applied sciences
  • Innovative developments in the molecular diagnostics industry and interdisciplinary innovations
  • Scientific data development process for the purpose of interdisciplinary developments
  • Scientific data processing for interdisciplinary research
  • Information support of scientific research in interdisciplinary projects
  • Selection of primers sequence and oligonucleotide synthesis
  • Next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing and genome sequence analysis

We develop and implement modern molecular-genetics methods for the diagnosis of infectious diseases and genetic pathologies. The Company’s products are used in various fields as medical practice, laboratory diagnostics and scientific research.

Nowadays, there is a limitation of effective and rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases in Ukraine. There are two reasons why it is happening: (i) insufficient implementation of the modern molecular methods; and (ii) the lack of available high-quality diagnostic PCR test systems manufactured in Ukraine. On the basis of these reasons the Company’s goals are the filling of the domestic market with a quality product - PCR test systems for molecular-genetics diagnostics.

The “ASTRAVIR TECHNOLOGY” is on the cutting edge of Ukrainian scientific and high-tech manufacturing. The best world innovations are implemented in the Company and our goal is to achieve the best quality of products and services.

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