Strain "Delta"

The sharp jump in coronavirus infections in the world is associated with the rapidly spreading new "Delta" option. It is considered more contagious and deadly.

Strain "Delta" has several mutations, including in the thorny protein. These changes allow the virus to more easily enter the cells of the human body and avoid some immune reactions. Experts say that by early autumn, the strain "Delta" is likely to displace other variants of the virus and become dominant in Ukraine.

Until now, Ukrainian laboratories did not have the technical ability to show an aggressive strain of "Delta", which complicated the process of diagnosing and treating patients.

To avoid this problem, Astravir Technology LLC presents its kit for detecting mutations in the genome of the SARS-CoV-2 virus "AVT-SARS-CoV-2". This set is officially verified by the State Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Astravir Technology is the first Ukrainian manufacturer whose test systems can be used in laboratories to detect mutations in the genome of coronavirus, namely the strain "Delta".

To prevent the rapid spread of the Delta strain in Ukraine, it is necessary to quickly identify and respond. Therefore, thanks to Astravir Technology test systems, this has become possible for every laboratory in Ukraine.!

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